5 Exercises to Burn Fat Faster Like Never Before

Posted By Christian Adi Widjaja at 05 January 2017

Already run every morning at 5 AM to get rid of fat but the bellyfat still there. What happen ? Is it still not enough just by running ? Are there any possible and effective way to melt your fat right away ?

The Answer is Yes There is 1 Solution !

By doing this 5 exercises that i will share to you right now in the content below. Your fat will beg your mercy and leave you right away.

Do this 5 exercises :

Jumping Jack.
1. Jumping Jack

Jumping jack is simple movement that anyone can do. This exercise usually for militer exercise. This movement will train your hand and leg coordination. Just by doing Jumping Jack not only fat in your leg will be gone, the fat in hand areas and bellyfat of course will magically begone.

Advantage Disadvantage
Anyone can do it Not recommended for heavyweight person
Easy Movement
Increase hand and leg coordination
Increase stamina
More toned abdominal, hand and leg
Mountain Climber.
2. Mountain Climber

If you often search for way to get rid of fat, this exercise will always be on that list. Mountain Climber classified as high intensity training.This exercise will train all your body, your sweat will erupt as big as corn and continuosly.

Advantage Disadvantage
Burn fat faster Not recommended for beginner
Increase Hand Static Power
Increase Stamina
More Toned Abs, hand dan leg
Squat Jump.
3. Squat Jump

Squat Jump usually known as punishment for student who late come to school. It turns out that this exercise very beneficial to make your thigh and butt more toned. Especially for woman who want to have S-shaped in their posterior, this exercise is a must.

Advantage Disadvantage
Burn Fat Faster Not recommend for beginner
Increase your leg power Heavyweight person will feel pain in their knees
Increase stamina
More Toned abs, leg and butt

High Knee Run.
4. High Knee Run

Just by doing this exercise then your butt, thigh and calves will be toned and stronger. And the fat, uh hu.... will magically be gone. Doing this exercise like you running in place with hand placed on the same line with your hips and you must touch your hand using your shin.

Advantage Disadvantage
Burn fat faster Not recommend for beginner
Increase leg power Heavyweight person might feel pain in the knee
Increase stamina
More toned abs, thigh and butt
Big space not needed
No special equipment needed

Fast Low-Step Running.
5. Fast Step Up

This exercise usually known to basketball player. By doing this, our leg coordination, speed and agility will increase in no time. The most important from this exercise is the ability to strip down all the fat from your body.

Advantage Disadvantage
Burn fat faster Heavyweight person might feel pain in the knees
Increase leg coordination Need special equipment like small staircase
Increase stamina
More toned abs, thigh and butt