5 Main Reason You Should Exercise Right Now

Posted by Christian Adi Widjaja at 06 January 2017

How many of us always delay our workout ? With any excuse, from don't have spare time, tired after work, even with the excuse of not having any gym equipment. Usually the person who excuse like this have not taste the workout beneficial yet. If they already taste the beneficial of workout/exercise, man they will fall in love with it.

What is The Beneficial :

1. Fun

When we doing workout, our body release endorphin which the job to make us more energic, feel great and enthusiastic. You can make workout/exercise twice the fun by doing that with family even friend.

2. Healthy

Do you realize that more advance the era, more food around us not healthy. A lot of foods contain chemicals. This chemicals trigger diseases inside our body. From common ailments to chronic diseases. If we often consume that kind of food and we don't exercise at all then you can already count your life span. Guaranteed.

3. Motivation

Have any of you ever heard about the term "Partner who workout together. Stay together". If you become the father who have wife and blessed with 2 children. You become their role model and most powerful support. If you start doing exercise even if you haven't done this before. What exactly will your wife and 2 child doing ? The answer is "COPY YOU". From the simple thing you do there will be healthy and harmonic family also workout time become the best family time. Fun isn't it.

Get Extra Income.
4. Get Extra Income

You already success to transform your body. From body with 30% bodyfat transform into 15% bodyfat. Your sixpack begin to show their fang. It turn outs that your battle with bodyfat already talked by people around you. There is a chance that healthy magazine will make you their cover. Voila, your story success get posted at magazine and of course is not usual that another healthy magazine will make you as their cover. Kaching. Extra $$ already in front of your eyes.

5. Consistency

Transform your body to become the best body as you dream it is not hard. Maintain it make it even harder. How many of us quit workout because we don't see a single change in our body. Before you are known as "Gym Rat" now you become "Sluggish Person". This is not a new thing. Athlete respected because of their consistency. Workout isn't just activity but workout become part of your life. Indirectly you will always do your workout because you realize how important that is and you love it.

Make Your Ex Regret.
6. Make Your Ex Regret

I'm already done 5 main reason. Now i give you 1 extra reason why you should workout. The story is you dumped by your ex because you are not sexy enough. You are extremely angry with how you look right now. You start workout. You success transforming your body. Your ex realize your transformation and regret of their decision to dump you. You refuse to get back to your ex because there are already better candidate ready to hook up with you. Isn't that satisfying and positive for yourself.