5 Powerful Foods to Burn Your Stubborn Fat Right Away

Posted by Christian Adi Widjaja at 04 January 2017

How many of us sneak past 12 AM to get food from refrigerator but afraid the food will be stored as belly fat ? What if you have food that will make you feel full faster, delicious and slimmed your belly at the same time. Interesting aight. It turns out this kind of foods are real. Usually food that have ability to melt away the fat contain high Omega-3

That type is :

1. Salmon

In 100 gr salmon's meat contain 37044 mg Omega-3. Not just Omega-3 but salmon's meat also contain Magnesium, Pottasium, Selenium and Vitamin B. Study show us that the person who often eat salmon have lower risk to get heart attack and depression than a person who rarely eat those meat.

Chia Seeds.
2. Chia Seeds

In 100 gr Chia Seeds contain 17830 mg Omega-3. Not just Omega-3 but chia seeds also contain Manganese, Calcium, Phosporus and 22 type of another nutritions. The amazing thing is in 24 gr Chia Seeds contain 4 gr of protein. So by consuming chia seeds not only our belly fat will be gone but also we become more muscular.

Kacang Kedelai.
3. Soybeans (Roasted)

In 100 gr of roasted soybeans contain 1694 mg Omega-3. Not just Omega-3, roasted soybeans also high in protein and 17 type of amino acids that important to keep our body always have prime condition.

4. Raspberry

In 123 gr Raspberry contain 1500 mg of Omega-3 which is good to strip away the fat. Raspberry also have the ability to prevent cancer, obesity, make your skin always glowing and make our digestion smoother.

5. Spinach (Fried, Boiled)

In 100 gr fried or boiled spinach contain 371 mg of Omega-3. Not just Omega-3, spinach also high in protein, have good fiber that good for digestion system, vitamin A to keep eyes healthy, vitamin C to make your skin glowing and increase immune system also calcium which is good to keep your bone strong and healthy. Have you ever heard, just by consume spinach, your risk to get cancer decrease a lot ?


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