5 Special Foods to Make Your Skin Glowing Immediately

Posted by Christian Adi Widjaja at 04 January 2017

Which women doesn't want their skin to become glow and smooth. As if they already tried $3000 Kim Kardashian's Beauty Routine. Of course every women want this. But do you realize that getting beauty treatment from professional will make your skin glowing just for a while. Is there any possible way to sustain that glowing effect ?

Thank God ! There are still some way to sustain that glowing effect easily and not required long time.

Just Eat Food List Below :

1. Peppers

In 100 gr Peppers contain 183.5 mg Vitamin C. Not just for beauty treatment only, peppers also important to keep your bone healthy and keep your heart healthy too. This fruit contain Vitamin E as antioxidant which is essential to keep your immune system still strong. Study show that people who often eat peppers have lower risk to get anemia than people who rarely consume it.

2. Guava

In 100 gr guava contain 228.3 mg of Vitamin C. Not just vitamin C, guava also contain vitamin A to keep your eyes healthy, high fiber to smoother your disgestion system also magnesium which is essential to make your nerves and muscles more relax. Vitamin B3 - B6 to increase blood circulation to brain.

3. Kiwi

In 100 gr Kiwi contain 92.7 mg of Vitamin C. Not just act as skin care, kiwi also proven to keep your heart healthy by prevent blood clotting and decrease cholesterol inside blood circulation. Kiwi keep your blood pressure stable especially for you who always have low blood pressure even high blood pressure.

4. Broccoli

In 100 gr Broccoli contain 89.2 mg of Vitamin C. Broccoli also have ability to prevent cancer, this vegetable very recommended for expectant mother because broccoli contain folic acid that is so good for fetus-cell growth. Broccoli also can stabilize blood pressure for people who tend to have high blood pressure.

5. Strawberry

Last but not least is strawberry. In 100 gr of strawberry contain 56.7 mg of Vitamin C. This vitamin C act by prevent wrinkle on face. Strawberry also have benefit to healing bladder infection, diabetes and healing swell because of joint pain and uric acid.