Don't Ever Diet Before Know This 5 Rules

Posted by Christian Adi Widjaja at 26 January 2017

Diet, diet and diet. We often hear this especially if we already feel guilty because eating too many fries in one table.

"I want diet", this word sounds very familiar in our vocabulary. Did you know what is the real meaning of diet ?

The Meaning of Diet

In our society diet related to you cannot eat oily food, cannot eat fried food, cannot eat too many portions. This related thing is not wrong but not exactly right.

If we talking about healthy diet then there are 5 important rules that you should know before you even diet.

First Rule

Diet is Pain Free

What i mean is we not allowed to be sick because our stupidity by not eating at all

If you don't eat anything at all then your body will be easily to get sick, to get virus. The consequences, you must eating more than your normal portion so your body could heal faster. Fat is undeniable. :P

Second Rule

Increase Diet Gradually

That is not possible for you to change your diet for a month directly without any tendency to go back like usually you eat. Changing diet is not easy but that is not impossible either.

99% peoples failed at this diet's phase because they tend to be in hurry mode want to see the significant result faster. They just want the easiest way

If you don't like to eat fruits and vegetables, right now add one bowl of fruits and vegetables to your diet menu.

I guarantee you will more fit and looked always ready to running your days doing activity.

Third Rule

Diet Must Contain Balanced Nutrition

I believe that you are often heard this "If you want to be skinny, don't ever eat rice". This sentences not wrong but not right either.

Rice contain carbohydrates as important element to increase your energy. The problem comes when we eat too many carbs, so that the rest of calories from eating carbs that are not used as energy will accumulate as fat.

If you don't believe me, lets see the person who have the job as construction workers and farmer, they eat a lot of rice in big portion but they still more fit compare to us who usually work in office.

Fourth Rule

Diet Knows Time

Many of us when doing diet tend to rarely eat. From one day we could eat 3x now we just eat 2x. Based on study, more often we eat in one day the higher the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). BMR is your body's ability to burn fat even when doing nothing at all.

The higher the BMR, the harder for fat to even accumulate at our body. One thing to increase our BMR by eating more often.

If we usually eat 1 portion 3x/day and change it into just half portion 6x/day. That is just one of many trick on how to increase your BMR.

Fifth Rule

Not all type of diet suitable for your body.

There area so many diet tutorial that you can googling from the internet or even much better by asking your friend directly. I will explain diet that are well-known :

Atkins Diet (diet low carbs). More information just click here.

Paleo Diet (diet by eating type of food before paleo's age).
More information just click here.

Detox Diet with juice (diet just by consume fruit and vegetable).
More information just click here.

Blood Type Diet (diet based on blood type A, AB, B and O).
More information just click here.

Ketogenic Diet (diet by consume type of food contain high fat and low carbs). More information just click here.

High Protein Diet (diet by consume type of food high in protein).
More information just click here.

Alkaline Diet (diet by not consume type of food that contain low PH level). More information just click here.