Really ? Indonesia Have Hockey Player ??

Posted by Alizah Imanda Puteri at 22 January 2017

I have a chance to interview Alizah Imanda Puteri who usually called Manda. Manda is professional hockey player from Lumajang, East Java, Indonesia. She enter many championship with her team. Lets find out how Manda and her team fight to become multi-champion.

1. Christian : Manda, what is hockey ? I just know that hockey have ice field like movie MVP
Manda :

If you think that hockey is the game where you use puck just like in movie "MVP : Most Valuable Primate" where the chimpanzee become their main character then you just goddamn right. That is called ice hockey. But did you know there are 3 types of hockey ? There are Ice Hockey, Indoor Hockey and Field Hockey. Few people know Indoor Hockey and Field Hockey. Hockey is some type of sport which you can do at grass field and indoor field. Player using stick made from wood, carbon fibre, glass fibre or combination from carbon fibre and glass fibre in different ratio. Beside stick, other equipment that must be used are shinguard, long socks, shoes, mouthguard and glove protector in left hand. One of the main reason that this sport challenging is the game rule to only use one side of stick, so every player should just only use flat side of the stick. If player using back side or the other side which is curved side then referee will blow their whistle as rule violation. Player become great at controlling ball because of the size and stick that is always mini.

Leg Protector
Neck Protector
Indoor Hockey Ball
Outdoor Hockey Ball
Goal Keeper Helmet
Goal Keeper Blocker Gloves

When the match still in process, goal keeper is the only player that allow to touch the ball using every part of their body (goal keeper's hand considered part of their stick) while field player play using their flat-side stick. Field hockey duration 35 minutes x 2 rounds while indoor hockey duration 20 minutes x 2 rounds.

2. Christian : Manda, which championship you already participate in ? And which one is the most memorable for you ?
Manda :

I know hockey since university. After that i enter many championship with UNESA team. There are championship between club or between university too. Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Bali are the place which the championship take in. If you asked me how many times did i win, hmm....already forgot because i win a lot but it is very rare to me to get first place at university championship. For the most momerable championship is when i represent my province East Java Province in National Championship 2014 at Jakarta because the field in there already international level, known as astoturf field. I used to train hockey at grass field, so this automatically make me hard to handling the ball. There are a lot different constrution between astoturf field and grass field. Astoturf field like huge carpet so the terrain level is always same. Where terrain level in grass field always different because of wavy ground.

Championship Winner

  • KONI Championship Surabaya 2012
  • KONI Championship Surabaya 2013
  • KEMENEGPORA 3 UNJ Championship 2013
  • Walikota Championship Surabaya 2013
  • IHRPT ITB 2013
  • IHRPT ITB 2014
  • UNPAD Jaya 2014
  • Bali Festival 2013
  • National Championship Jakarta 2014

3. Christian : Manda, what is the secret recipe to still have stamina even we play full time?
Manda :

There are a lot of variety when it comes to hockey training. First there is cardio training, hockey player must have high vo2max because this sport have long duration. The training can be interval training like continous running, hollow sprint and etc. Second there are endurance, speed and power. The training like bodyweight training, short sprint and many other.

4. Christian : Manda is there any tips for beginner like me who want to try hockey for first time ?
Kak Manda :

Tips for you who is the first time play hockey is often watch hockye game so you have imagination what you should do. Then pratice that with experienced person so they can evaluate your technique. Wear complete hockey equipment so you can free from injury.